Monday, May 3, 2010

17th Floor!

Saturday night I went to Copper to watch this really good band called 17th Floor. They are a rap/R&B cover band. I saw a lot of people there I knew. It was a really good time for the most part, I went home around 12:30! I feel asleep for a little bit then my friend called me because I had her keys and she was outside my apartment. Well my friend Pat drove my friend to my apartment. Well he fell asleep in his car and wouldn't wake up. So we called my other friend and he came and we went to taco bell. I got a cheesy gordita crunch which is my favorite. Then drove my friend to her place then me to my place. My friend was still passed out in his car. He slept there over night haha. I got home around 4:30. I woke up the next morning and asked myself "what happened last night." Me and my two friends went to breakfast and reminiscent on the night. I always like doing that because sometimes you don't remember something until someone reminds you. Well there is only one week left of school, got to make it count!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Babysiting is never fun.

I hate when one of your friends gets really drunk and you have to babysit. I also hate when that friend is making a complete fool of themselves. Last weekend my friend was having a party and one of my friends got really drunk. She's falling all over the place people are looking at her. So I was getting ready to go home and she decided she wanted to go home so I drive her home then she decided she wanted to go back to the party so I take her back to the party and right when she gets out of the car she starts chucking. After she is done puking I lead her upstairs so she can lay down. She falls to the floor in the middle of the hallway. I get her up and she goes in the bathroom then falls back into the back tub. I looked at my other friend and said "shes all yours, I'm going home." I dont understand people who drink to get "trashed". You can drink and have fun and not look ridiculous. Plus the next morning are never fun anyways.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Being underage sucks!

So I don't turn 21 till May. Most of my friends have already turned 21. I went home recently and me and my friends went out to dinner to celebrate my friend turning 21. Well There was the three of us who weren't 21. So we were the DD's for the night. We sat there and watched TV and waited for our friends to call so we could pick them up. It sucked. I hate being underage. I hate when I go to the bars and they look at my ID and say " oh so close" then stamp me with a minor stamp. I also hate when I go home I have nothing to do because all of my friends are going to the bars. Plus all of my friends I hang out with at school is 21! 20 is one of the most pointless ages. What can you do differently at 20? Nothing! I cannot wait to turn the big 2-1! I will just have to suck it up till then I guess!

Monday, March 29, 2010

What a night!

So Saturday was the Alumni Conference. Well every year the alumni go out that night for a few drinks. Well i ended up at the bars around 11:30 I think. A bunch of people were there, everyone was having a good time. Well my friend dropped me and my other friend off at my friends house but he wasn't there! So we decided to go to my other friends house since he was having a party. We didn't know hot to get to his house though. So me and my friend are walking around Carbondale at like midnight trying to find my friends house. We heard cop sirens really close so me and my friend started running and hid in a ditch for a little bit. We somehow found my friends house, stayed there for like ten minutes then called one of my other friends to get us. Then we went to taco bell then home. My friend had to stay at my place because she forgot her keys with my friend so she couldn't get into her apartment. Have you ever work up the next morning and was like "what the hell happened last night?" Well that was kind of the same for me. I woke up and forgot that my friend stayed at my apartment. I looked at her and said "How did we get home last night?" I like the next days when you start to reminiscent on the night before events. Overall I would say the night was a success! Definitely a night to remember.

Monday, March 15, 2010


So last week was spring break. My first night in town my friend Austin and Craig had people over. Everyone was having a good time. Everyone there Austin and Craig knew. Well my one of our friends brought like five guys with him. They were all shady people and nothing but trouble where ever they go. Well a bunch of us deciding to go to Denny's at like 3 in the morning. Nothing is more annoying when you're sober and everyone around you is drunk and acting ridiculous is public. I'm surprised me and my friends didnt get kicked out for how loud we were being. We were getting ready to leave and this older group of people came in and sat at the table next to us. The guys said something smart to one of my friends and then him and her start getting in to it. Then the dudes girlfriend starts getting into with my friend. Then everyone is involved. The manager is yelling that he is going to call the cops. The dude yells "I'm going to f-ing kill you kids." They get kicked out. So we all go back to Craig's and Austins and one of the guys that my friend brought start mouthing off to craig when it's his own house. People how are you going to get in a fight with the owner of the house that you're in! Finally all those guys left and I went home. I guess those guys went through and ate a bunch of Austin and Craig's food! I dont understand why people want to fight especially a party. Like I've said before some people should not be allowed to drink. Why cant we all just have fun and get along!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unofficial weekend

Well this weekend was unofficial weekend. Im not sure why we celebrate unofficial when we are here for St.Patrick's day but o well it gives us another reason to party. I didnt really do anything on friday. Saturday my unofficial started around one. I came home around five, took a nape then got ready fpor the night. I wasn't feeling well so i decided to take it easy. Me and my friends went to pinch. Everyone was drinking besides me. It's like 3 minutes untill the bar closes and here walks in the cops. They only ask me and my Kim for our ids. I gave him my ID and he told me to follow him. He grabs a drink that was on the table and we walk out side to his cop car. I get in the back of the cop car and he tells me how he is given me a ticket for possession of alcohol. WTH! I told him that i hadnt been drinking and that wasnt my drink. He then says that he saw the drink in my hand. He definitely didn't. If anything he saw me pushed the drink away because I wasn't trying to get in trouble over it. He gives me my ticket and tells me i have ten days to pay $250 dollars. WTH! What a scam, just another way to get people's money.Screw that im going to go to court and fight it! So for all of you underage people, be careful. My unofficial started off good but ended bad. Least next unofficial I will be of age.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creepers, creepers, creepers.

So I went out with a few of my friends to a bar last night. It was pretty interesting to say the least. Where to start. Well the bar was pretty packed. Me and my friend were standing there waiting for one of my other friends. If your a girl standing by yourself with no men around you. Your a big target for creepers. Creepers were on the prowl and spotted me and my friend. One by one we had to keep rejecting guys. If a guy comes up and ask you to dance and you don't want to, you can say no but from my experience they will be persistent and not take no for an answer. So one of the things I like to say is "I'm waiting on my boyfriend, he is in the bathroom, or my boyfriend is buying me a drink." Most of them will walk away. Also don't assume its okay for you to come and start dancing on me because I will walk away. The creeper of the night has to go to this guy name Michael. He came up to me and my friend more than 6 times asking us to dance. Every time I would use the boyfriend line and he would be like oh ok and be on his way. But since he was so drunk he didn't remember that he had talked to us. Everywhere I looked there are these guy sandwiching girls, there was a lot of dry humping going on. There was this guy and this girl dancing and he had his arm like around her neck and he was totally digging in his nose and she didn't know. The way some of these girls were dancing they were pretty much having sex. Eww. Girls if your going to wear a dress or a skirt you should make sure its long enough to cover your butt because i don't want to see it. I was in the bathroom and this girl was a hot mess! She was puking in the bathroom, could barely walk. If that's how you act when you drink you should reconsider drinking. Some people just shouldn't drink. Well round two tonight, we'll see how this goes.